#551 Cinema Snacks

Japanese cinemas are often crowded and bustling in the city centers.

They offer a variety of shows in English (or the original language, depending on where the movie is from) with Japanese subtitles and Japanese dubbed movies.

They are infamous for being released months after the US or Europe though.

By the way, do you remember the anti-piracy advert?

One of the delights of cinema-going is the popcorn.
“Salted or sweet?” is usually the question you’ll be asked.

Not in Japan.


The popular cheap popcorn “Mike” offers cinema-only flavors.

You can find salted, sweet, caramel, black pepper, wasabi beef, spicy fish roe, butter and soy sauce and more.


The menu for food doesn’t stop there – churros, fried chicken, hot dogs, dessert pizza and washed down with coffee, tea, soda or even beer.


Check out TOHO Cinema’s menu here.

It sounds more like a picnic than a movie theater.


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