#552 Abareru-Kun

Japanese TV comedians come and go but recently Abareru-Kun has been a prime-time entertainer.

The Japanese word 暴れる/あばれる/abareru means “to act violently or distruptively”.

君/くん/kun is often put at the end of boys names, like “chan” or “san”.

He got the nickname when he had a part-time job and often broke plates and made a mess.

He’s recently become known abroad for his connection with Pokemon.


He he hosted the “Pokédex Completion Journey” segment on Pokemon Get TV from 2013-2015.

He’s now one of the hosts on the “Pokémon House”/”Pokénchi” show on TV Tokyo with Hyadain, Shoko Nakagawa and Rin Otani.


He was in the news today because he welcomed his baby boy to the world yesterday.


He hails from Fukushima, as does his wife who he met during high school.

You can check him out in action:


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