#557 Phoenix Seagaia

Phoenix Seagaia is a resort located in Miyazaki prefecture – in the south of the Kyushu island.

It is a little off the beaten track as it’s not as easily accessible as other main tourist spots.

The Seagaia resort boasted golf courses, restaurants, a zoo and tennis courts. There are also surfing areas – as it spans 10km of the pacific ocean beaches in Miyazaki.


Photo by Max Smith from Wikipedia

It doesn’t look like a nice vacation spot from the outside…



Image from Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Hawaii and Okinawa’s popularity led to the beach being closed in 2007.

The main attraction used to be a beach that was inside the Ocean Dome.

Even in rainy weather you could chill in the sand.

The water was always heated to a comfortable 28 degrees.

And they even had a replica volcano that erupts.
I’m not sure if that’s really part of the regular beach vacation in Japan…

Although the main attraction closed, they still have pools, music events and other attractions.

Check out their official site here.


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